Main Reasons to Visit Parks Motors for Service

October 29th, 2020 by

You’ve taken the step to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle with Parks Motors in Augusta near Wichita KS, so what should you do next? It’s best to prepare for where you will take this vehicle when maintenance or repairs are needed. At Parks Motors, we staff a full team of professionals that can offer maintenance, service and repair on your car, truck or SUV. Here are some reasons to choose us.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our technicians get specialized training directly from the manufacturer. With this training, our mechanics are more equipped to deal with whatever problem your vehicle is facing. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint troubles faster. Additionally, we tend to catch problems that many other mechanics would miss completely.

Latest Shop Equipment

When you visit a local repair shop, you often see outdated tools and equipment, but not at Parks Motors. Because we are backed by the manufacturer, we get all of the latest technology to work on your vehicle. This equipment lets us get the job done in record time and be more accurate.

Guaranteed Repairs

When you get work done at Parks Motors Service, the job is guaranteed. If there is a problem with your service, our promise ensures you get additional peace of mind. Plus, when your vehicle requires warranty repair, you won’t have to pay anything. We take care of the factory warranty for you. Our job is to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Our team is working hard to ensure that you get back on the road safely. Our dealership values your business, which is why we strive to bring you in and out for your appointment speedily. Plus, we stock the OEM parts on-site. This design ensures you aren’t waiting around for parts when a repair is needed. Schedule your appointment today.

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